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My name is Elijah Taitel, 

I am searching for coaches and social influencers interested in helping me promote the ProVelocity Bat  

From little league to my early years in high school I was always a consistent contact hitter. I was always at the top of the lineup to get on base and then steal a few bases. I was never the guy to knock people in or tie the game with one swing of the bat. I had to start my swing early to deal with the faster pitching as I got older, which led to me rolling over and pulling everything to left field.

That all changed when the summer going into my senior year of high school, when I started to develop and use the ProVelocity Bat. Singles that I used to hit were turning into doubles, triples and homers. I found myself in the position where I was "the guy" to be trusted with knocking people in instead of just getting on base.

One of the most surprising differences was my increased power to right field. After that summer my rotational strength and bat speed increased so much I was able to wait back on pitches. I was able to trust that my hand were going to make it through the zone that I didn't have to be way out in front of pitches. My ability to recognize off speed pitches increased incredibly and I started raking to right field as well as left. This led to a .473 batting average, All Conference honors, and NJ Player of the Week. I only wish I could have started using the ProVelocity Bat earlier on in my career so I could have reaped the benefits all through high school. I can't recommend the product enough.

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