The ProVelocity™ Bat

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Increase Your Bat Speed

The ProVelocity™ Bat is a professional training tool designed to hit live balls. In order to make contact with a ball, batters must achieve their pre-selected swing speed prior to impact.

The sliding power barrel releases to the impact position when the pre-set swing speed is achieved. An audible double-click confirms proper swing mechanics are maintained during the swing.

Coach Jason Ferber and Ariel Polanco with D1 commit @jacksboyd

To make contact you can't push or drag the bat through the strike zone. You have to whip the barrel on plane developing early bat speed, more time in the strike zone, and an increased angle of attack.

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Swing Speed Table

Works equally well for both baseball and softball

Professional grade

Made from aircraft quality aluminum

Length: 32-inches, Weight: 42-ounces

Made 100% in the USA