The ProVelocity™ Cricket Bat

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Developed in conjunction with the Julian Wood Power Hitting System
About Julian Wood
Julian Wood is one of the world's leading T20 batting / hitting coaches. Players come from around the globe to work with him to enhance their power hitting skills. He works regularly in Franchise cricket including the IPL, Big Bash, PSL, UAE T20 as well as International squads. The game of cricket is evolving quickly and he is at the heart of the ‘ Big Shift’ as he calls it. "It’s a power game now, there’s no doubt about it, to keep up with how the game is evolving you need to play and train differently"

About The ProVelocity Cricket Bats

The ProVelocity Cricket Bats are self teaching tools specifically weighted for cricket that are capable of hitting live balls.  Bridging the gap between feel and real they give players immediate feedback with every swing.

"After only a few sessions with the ProVelocity Bat my players' exit velocity has increased dramatically as they learned what it feels like to explode through the ball." - Julian Wood



32" Cricket Overload
Bat Speed Feedback: 20 mph to 80 mph
Resistance: (6) 15-pound, (2) 5-pound bands
Length: 32"
Barrel Diameter: 2-3/4"
Weight: 42 ounces
30" Cricket Underload
Bat Speed Feedback: 20 mph to 55 mph
Resistance: (8) 5-pound resistance bands
Length: 30"
Barrel Diameter 2-1/2"
Weight: 36 ounces