Elijah Taitel dry swings the ProVelocity bat 15 minutes each day to keep his swing speed over 60 mph.


My name is Elijah Taitel. I am a baseball player, mechanical engineering student at Uconn, and inventor of the ProVelocity™ Bat.

I train for fifteen minutes a day without a ball using four "resistance bands" to keep my swing speed in excess of 60 mph.  I then then take the bat to the batting cages to increase my hand-eye coordination.

My rotational strength and bat speed has increased to the point where I am able to wait back on pitches knowing I have the speed to get to the ball.

I get on plane much earlier and my ability to recognize off speed pitches increased to the point where I am now raking it to right field as well as left. This led to a .473 batting average, All Conference honors, and Player of the Week.