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In only three weeks of training with the ProVelocity Bat, First Year Pros developed over a 4% increase in bat speed and a 165% increase in angle of attack.

High School athletes are showing a 15% to 25% increase in bat speed, dramatically improved contact, and the confidence to wait back and read incoming pitches.

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The ProVelocity™ Bat

The patented ProVelocity™ Bat is a professional batting trainer used by hitting coaches and high level athletes to increase bat speedexit velocity and launch angle.

Athletes can train with or without a ball, off the tee, in the batting cages, or on the field.

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I'm amazed at how it's helped Andrew to stay through the ball. The first night he used it he took about 20 tee swings then started live with his game bat. Wow, his first 2 swings carried the baseball about 350-feet on a line.

Jeremy Burns (dad)

We use the ProVelocity bat everyday in practice. It has been a great tool to strengthen the hands, wrists and forearms. We also use it to increase on plane efficiency

Al Ready - Head Coach, Indianapolis