Bledsoe Agency Performance Data

Take Your Swing to the Next Level

Introducing the only batting aid designed to hit pitched balls while teaching the mechanics of a powerful swing.

My name is Elijah Taitel. I am a baseball player and a mechanical engineering student. And yes, that's me swinging away in the vIdeo. I invented and began training with the ProVelocity bat in order to compete against faster high performance pitching.


After training fifteen minutes a day, my rotational strength and bat speed increased to the point where I was able to wait back on pitches trusting I had the speed to get to the ball. My ability to recognize off speed pitches increased and I started raking it to right field as well as left. This led to a .473 batting average, All Conference honors, and NJ Player of the Week.

The ProVelocity Power Training Bat

The ProVelocity Bat is a professional training tool specifically designed to hit live balls. It is designed such that in order to make contact with a ball, the batter must achieve and maintain their pre-selected swing speed through impact.

Train for 15 minutes a day without a ball to increase swing speed. Then, use it with a live ball in the batting cages, or on the field to develop the hand-eye coordination and power of a great hitter.

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Patented Sweet Spot Power Barrel

The ProVelocity Bat features 20 power levels ranging from 5 to 20 pounds of centripetal force.

The Power Barrel slides to the impact position when a batter swings with enough speed to overcome the preset centripetal force.

Train at any ability level from little-league to professional. Add power bands and take your swing to the next level as your power, speed, and hand-eye coordination increase.


Bledsoe Agency Performance Data

Hunter Bledsoe of the Bledsoe Agency is a certified player agent with the Major League Baseball Players Association. His agency recently completed a batting trial focusing on high-performance athletes using the ProVelocity Bat.


In only three weeks First-Year-Pro athletes developed over a 4% increase in Bat Speed and Output Power while increasing their Angle of Attack by 164%.


High profile players that have trained with this tool to date are: Brandon Lowe (Tampa Bay Rays), Brent Rooker (First Rounder, Vanderbilt), and Phillip Clarke (Vanderbilt).


Improvement for high school and college athletes is EXTREMELY significant.