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Teach Yourself to Hit Like A Pro

The ProVelocity Power Swing Training Bat

The ProVelocity Bat is a professional training tool specifically designed to hit live balls. It is designed such that in order to make contact with a ball, you must achieve your pre-selected swing speed prior to impact. 

Developing maximum speed prior to impact is the primary factor that separates good hitters from great ones.

Train for 15 minutes a day in your backyard without a ball to increase your swing speed. Then, use it with a ball off a batting tee, in the batting cages, or on the field to teach yourself to be a great hitter.

Patented Sweet Spot Power Barrel

The ProVelocity Bat features 20 selectorized power settings. The Power Barrel releases to the impact position and gives you audible feedback when your pre-selected swing speed is achieved.

An Audible Angle of Attack indicator notifies you when bat is on plane.  Teach yourself to get on plane early for better consistency and a positive angle of attack.

Product Details

ProVelocity Bat Benefits

Learn to get on plane early giving you the best chance of making contact with the ball.

Teach yourself to develop very high swing speeds prior to making contact with the ball.

Develop advanced hand-eye coordination while striking a ball off a tee, in the batting cage, or on the field