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Increase Bat Speed while Improving Swing Mechanics

Watch MLB catcher Erik Ostberg Train with the ProVelocity Bat

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Hit live balls off the tee, in the cages, and on the field.

Inventor Elijah Taitel explains how the ProVelocity Bat works.

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Powerful, consistent hitting is the gateway to the teams, coaching, and playing time you need to succeed.


Increase Bat Speed

Improve Swing Mechanics

Develop Early Bat Speed

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Gain the confidence to wait back and read a pitch

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Download the ProVelocity Bat Swing Analyzer. Track your improvement. Learn when to increase resistance as your on-plane efficiency improves.

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Chicago Cub Nick Madrigal debuts with home run after increasing Exit Velocity with the ProVelocity Bat

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Engage Your Core For Power

The barrel won't release if you try to push or drag the bat through the strike zone. Learn to use your core to whip the barrel on plane for explosive power.

@CoachUlrey - "Let's Get To Work!"

Make Your Tee Swings Count

Dry swing for 15 minutes a day to increase your bat speed. Then use it to rip balls off the tee, in the batting cages, and on the field.

Watch Coach Ferber with Coach Ariel Polanco and D1 commit @jacksboyd. "It let's you understand where bat speed happens, and how it happens"

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SEC Coach Headley's Bat Speed Program for the ProVelocity Bat

Develop Early Bat Speed

Casey Smith at @outfronthitting uses check swings to engage the core for explosive early bat speed.

With a recorded exit velocity over 104 mph, D1 commit Max Soliz times his check swings with incoming pitches in the on-deck circle.

With 30 pounds of resistance set, Max listens for a "double click" during his check swing to ensure he is generating 50 mph of early bat speed with his core alone.

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32"Standard - 33" Extreme Impact - 30" Youth Bat

Gain A Competitve Edge

Set Yourself Apart

Only the ProVelocity Bat gives you audible bat speed feedback.

A unique double-click confirms your preset swing speed is achieved. Incrementally add resistance to increase your bat speed. Learn to extend the time between clicks for earlier bat speed, more time in the strike zone, and a better chance at contact.

Only the ProVelocity Bat can hit live balls.

Train for 15 minutes a day without a ball to increase your bat speed. Then take it to the tee, batting cages, or on the field to match hand-eye coordination with your powerful new swing. You can only make contact if your pre-set swing speed is achieved.

Only the ProVelocity Bat provides both overload and underload training in the same swing.

Because most of the weight is in the sliding barrel, the bat feels light at the beginning of the swing when the sliding barrel is near your hands. The ProVelocity Bat gets heavier as the swing progresses and the barrel moves out to the impact position.

When the ProVelocity Bat feels light, focus on rotating on plane early for a positive angle of attack. As the ProVelocity Bat becomes heavy, build core and arm strength for a powerful rotary swing.

The problem with traditional heavy bats is that students tend to push or drag them through the strike zone.

The Power Barrel will not release to the impact position and give the "double-click" if you try to push or drag the barrel. You have to use your core to whip the barrel on plane for explosive early bat speed.

Stop dumping the barrel.

In trying to develop a swing with a positive angle of attack, many students prematurely dump the barrel with their wrists. Set the ProVelocity bat on a low resistance setting and feel when the barrel releases. Learn to rotate the bat on plane with your shoulders, not your hands.

Lock the barrel to the far end of the shaft for conventional "donut" weighted swings.