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Coach Ferber & Coach Polanco - Understand where bat speed happens.

To make contact and get the audible "double-click" you can't push or drag the bat through the strike zone. You have to use your core to whip the barrel on plane developing early bat speed, more time in the strike zone, and an increased angle of attack.

Improve Your Swing Mechanics
Inventor Elijah Taitel uses the ProVelocity Bat to improve his swing mechanics
Add resistance to increase your bat speed 
Chicago Cub Dustin Geiger moves from 3 to 4 bands
Learn to Engage Your Core for Explosive Power

Coach Ulrey - Let's Get To Work



Use check swings in the on-deck circle to fire up your core

Max Soliz Jr. with a recorded exit velocity of over 104 mph times on-deck check swings with an incoming pitch. With 30 pounds of resistance set the "double click" confirms he developing 55 mph of bat speed with his core alone!
Gain the confidence to wait back and read a pitch.

Tanner Carson - Getting Stronger!

Eric Sogard - Stay Connected

The ProVelocity Bat keeps MLB veteran Eric Sogard connected.

Dry swing 15 minutes per day to increase your bat speed, then rip balls off the tee, in the batting cages, and on the field.
The ProVelocity Bat by Extra Base Sports LLC
Casey Smith - Correcting A Push

Casey Smith at @outfronthitting corrects a "push."  His student must use his core to whip the barrel on plane in order to obtain the "double- click"

Casey Smith - Use Check Swings to Engage Your Core 

Casey Smith @outfront hitting uses check swings with the ProVelocity Bat to develop bat speed with the core and increase plate coverage.

Casey Smith - Stop Dumping The Barrel

Casey Smith at @outfronthitting uses a low resistance setting to let his student feel when the barrel releases.  The student is learning to rotate the bat on plane with his shoulders, not by dumping the barrel with his wrists.

Make Your Tee Swings Count
Athlete at @lets_barrel_up killing it after 15 swings with the @provelocitybat
Red Sox Nick Yorke launches an 80 mph missile off a soft toss

With 100-pounds of resistance loaded, Nick Yorke of the Boston Red Sox launches an 80 mph missile off a soft toss.



Get SEC Coach Headley's 10-Week Bat Speed Training Program

Coach Headley uses the ProVelocity Bat for Exit Velocity and Swing Sequence training. Download his bat speed program for the ProVelocity Bat.

Coach Ferber - Don't Be Steep

Coach Ferber uses Audible Feedback to get his students on plane early.

Dry swing 15-minutes per day to increase your bat speed

Elijah Taitel dry swings without a ball 15 minutes per day with four bands loaded to keep his swing speed over 60 mph.

Phillip Clarke - Check Swings

Toronto Blue Jay, Philip Clarke uses check swings to engage his core and obtain max-velo and dynamic launch position prior to impact.

Energize fast twitch muscle memory in the on deck circle.

D1 recruit @jrsoliz_boom warms up with check swings in the on deck circle and then hits bombs at the plate.

Understand Barrel Depth, Acceleration & Path

Coach Sulcoscki with Hitting Englightenment uses the Provelocity Bat to train for barrel depth, barrel acceleration and parametric swing path through the hitting zone.