Watch It Work

Coaches Ferber & Polanco with D1 committ hitting off the tee


Softballs off the tee at @lets_barrel_up

Athlete at @lets_barrel_up killing it after 15 swings with the @provelocity bat


See the ProVelocity Bat In Action

See the ProVelocity Bat in action.

Nick Yorke with Boston Red Sox - 80+ mph missle

With full resistance loaded, Nick Yorke, overall #17 draft pick to the Boston Red Sox, launches an 80+ mph missile.


Coach Headley - Max Velo Training

Coach Headiey uses the ProVelocity Bat for Exit Velocity and Swing Sequence training.

Coach Ferber - Audio Feedback / On Plane Early

Coach Ferber uses Audible Feedback to get his students on plane early.

Elijah Taitel - Dry Swing 15 minutes per day

Elijah Taitel dry swings without a ball 15 minutes per day with four bands loaded to keep his swing speed over 60 mph.

Phil Clarke - Drill for Max Velo prior to impact

Philip Clarke. drafted out of Vanderbilt by the Toronto Blue Jays, trains for Max Velo prior to impact.

D1 Commit In The On Deck Circle

D1 recruit @jrsoliz_boom energizes his fast twitch muscles for Max Velo  in the on deck circle and then hits bombs at the plate.

Coach Sulcoski - Barrel Depth, Acceleration & Path

Coach Sulcoscki with Hitting Englightenment uses the Provelocity Bat to train for barrel depth, barrel acceleration and parametric swing path through the hitting zone.