The ProVelocity Bat

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Teach Yourself the Mechanics of a Powerful Swing

The ProVelocity bat is specifically designed that In order to make contact with a live ball, you must achieve your pre-set swing speed prior to impact. Developing maximum power prior to impact is the primary factor that separates good hitters from great ones.

Patented Sweet Spot Power Barrel features 20 power settings. The Power Barrel releases to the impact position and gives you audible feedback when your pre-selected swing speed is achieved.

Swing the ProVelocity bat in your backyard for fifteen minutes a day without a ball to learn the mechanics of a more powerful swing. Two audible "clicks" indicate that you have swung with enough power to drive the Sweet Spot Power Barrel to the end of bat and back. Learn to increase the time between the clicks to increase your maximum power within in the strike zone.

Start hitting live balls off a baseball tee, in the batting cages, or on the field to increase hand-eye coordination and to learn to develop your new faster swing prior to impact with the ball.

Train to Get On Plane Earlier

Train with no power bands engaged to teach yourself to get on plane early for better consistency and a positive angle of attack. Learn to fire the hips and drop the Power Barrel into the strike zone before any significant angular momentum is developed. Getting on plane early gives the batter the most time with the bat in the strike zone and the best chance of making contact with the ball. Because the batter is encouraged to attack the ball from a negative plane angle, a positive angle of attack and subsequently positive launch angle is developed.  

A single product solution for both underspeed and overspeed training.

Because 42% of the weight of the bat is located inside the sliding power barrel, the bat feels exceedingly "light" at the beginning of the swing and becomes "heavier" as centrifugal force moves the weighted power barrel to the far end of the bat. This design feature simultaneously enables both underweight and overweight training during the same swing.

When the ProVelocity bat is "light" batters are guided to use their fast twitch muscles to bring their hands inside the ball for a more powerful on- plane position.

Once the ProVelocity bat is on plane, that bat becomes "heavier" as batters transition to larger muscles and drive the power barrel down the shaft of the bat through a powerful rotary swing achieving maximum angular velocity in time to make contact with a live ball.

Works equally well for both baseball and softball.
Professional grade made from aircraft quality aluminum.

Made 100% in the USA