Develop Early Bat Speed

Learn to use your core to whip the barrel on plane early for more time in the strike zone, higher bat speed, and a better chance at contact.


 Casey Smith at @outfronthitting corrects a "push."  His student must use his core to whip the barrel on plane in order to obtain the "double- click"

 Stay connected - Don't loose the barrel

Casey Smith at @outfronthitting uses a low resistance setting to let his student feel when the barrel releases.  The student is learning to rotate the bat on plane with his shoulders, not by dumping the barrel with his wrists.


Nick Yorke Boston Red Sox
80+ mph Early Bat Speed

MLB batters like Nick Yorke actually begin their swing just as the ball is leaving the pitchers hand.  They need to develop maximum bat speed prior to impact and still be able to check up if the ball is not in the strike zone. With the maximum resistance set, Nick needs an 80 mph+ bat speed to extend the sliding barrel and make contact with the ball.  - "One and Done" 

Phil Clarke Trains Daily for Early Bat Speed

Phil Clarke (Vanderbilt / Blue Jays) drills for impact position with maximum bat speed prior to impact.  He uses check swings to ensure he can obtain the "double click" prior to impact.  

Elijah Taitel - Whip the Barrel On Plane

Elijah Taitel uses audible feedback to get on plane early and increase time in the strike zone for a better chance of contact.

Energize Your Early Bat Speed In The On Deck Circle

D1 commit @jrsoliz_boom listens for a "double click" in the on-deck circle using warm up check swings to energize his fast twitch muscle memory. Then he hits bombs at the plate.