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Professional Athlete Trial Data

Hunter Bledsoe of the Bledsoe Agency is a certified player agent with the Major League Baseball Players Association and a high performance hitting coach. He played five years of professional baseball with the Dodgers, Yankees and Royals. His agency recently completed a batting trial focusing on high-performance athletes using the ProVelocity™ Bat.

In only three weeks the First-Year-Pro and High-Level-College athletes developed over a 4% increase in Bat Speed and Output Power while increasing their Angle of Attack by 164%.

High profile players that have trained with this tool to date are: Brandon Lowe (Tampa Bay Rays), Brent Rooker (First Rounder, Vanderbilt), and Phillip Clarke (Vanderbilt).

Universities training with the product include the University of Arkansas, The University of Connecticut, and The University of Indianapolis.  At UIndy the team started the season off hot at the plate hitting .308 as a team with 10 homers.  "We use the ProVelocity bat everyday in practice.  It has been a great tool to strengthen hands, wrists and forearms.  We also use to increase on plane efficiency." - Al Ready, Coach.

Results for improvement of high school and intermediate level college athletes is extrapolated to be Highly Significant.