Swing Analyzer App

The ProVelocity Swing Analyzer App uses your height, bat size, and resistance settings to calculate your preset Bat Speed.


The App uses the ProVelocity Bat's unique audio feedback to calculate Time At Speed, On Plane Efficiency, and Early Bat Speed Position.


ProVelocity Swing Analyzer

The app recommends when to increase resistance as your swing mechanics improve. 

Bat Speed

Calculate your preset swing speed based on your height, bat length, and resistance setting.  Get alerted when a "double-click" is achieved indicating you reached your preset speed speed.

Time At Speed 

By measuring the time between clicks, the ProVelocity Bat app calculates your Time At Speed.

On Plane Efficiency

Since swings de-accelerate relatively the same point in a batters swing, the only way to significantly increase the Time At Speed is to learn to whip the barrel on plane for earlier bat speed and greater On Plane Efficiency.

Learn to increase On Plane Efficiency before moving to higher resistance settings for more time in the strike zone, and a better chance at contact.

Early Bat Speed Indicator (EBSI)

The EBSI indicator shows the position in your swing relative to the impact position where you achieved your preset Bat Speed.  Use the EBSI to learn to get on plane and up to speed earlier. 

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