About Extra Base Sports


My name is Elijah Taitel and I am the founder of Extra Base Sports.  I am an avid baseball enthusiast and a mechanical engineering student. And yes, that's me swinging away in the video.

I've teamed with the original founders of Landice Treadmills also both engineers.  Under their leadership Landice's treadmills were rated #1 by Consumer Reports Magazine for fourteen consecutive years.  

Over the past year we have refined the ProVelocity Bat which I use at home for fifteen minutes every day to keep my new swing up to speed. On weekends I take it to the batting cages and let it rip.  I've personally gone from hitting the occasional infield single to hard driven doubles, triples, and even a few home runs.

We have recently had the ProVelocity Bat validated by one of the leading batting coaches in the United States working out of the Vanderbilt area.  I believe in this product and hope it will help you improve your game as much as it did mine. 


Elijah Taitel