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I picked up the @provelocitybat during the pandemic and finally had a chance for some of my hitters to put it to use. At first I was a little skeptical due simply to price but then after seeing the versatility it brings I can understand the price point. You will spend anywhere from $300-$600 for a weighted bat program that comes with 3 different bats and cannot be utilized on a machine. Not only can this 1 bat be used for an entire exit velo/bat speed training program but it also is a tremendous tool for sequencing the swing properly, eliminating push patterns and can be utilized facing live pitching or a machine for almost any age of hitter with the variations of multiple bands with different resistance. The audible feedback gives hitters feedback whether facing a ball in flight, off the tee or simply dry swings. I have been extremely impressed not just by the versatility of this training tool but the results we are getting with our hitters as well. I would not hesitate to recommend this training tool.

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